Depression: Pathways to Resilience and Recovery

Cole Hall (Parnassus)

Message from the UCSF Depression Center Director

Robin Williams' recent death highlights the importance of recognizing that depression is a serious and often life-threatening illness. Estimates are that one in six Americans will suffer a mood disorder during their lifetime. Up to 80% of deaths by suicide can be traced to these disorders. If recognized in time, we know that many of these conditions can respond to appropriate treatment and prevent these tragedies. It is time to intensify our education, research, and treatment capabilities for these disorders.

— Stuart J. Eisendrath, MD

Presentations include:

"Hope on the Golden Gate Bridge"


Sgt. Kevin Briggs
Nicknamed "Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge," Sgt. Briggs is a CHP officer who was honored with a public service award by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention for his life-saving work.

Kevin Berthia
In addition to telling his story of being saved by Sgt. Briggs in 2005, Kevin will talk about what has transpired for him since then.

"Hollywood: Depression Behind the Scenes"

David Zucker
With worldwide box office hits such as Airplane!, Ruthless People, The Naked Guns, Phone Booth, A Walk in the Clouds, and the record-breaking Scary Movie 3 and 4, all to his credit, director/writer/producer David Zucker has established himself as one of Hollywood's most successful filmmakers. Every one of his 16 studio films having been profitable, David's track record remains unparalleled in a highly competitive industry. David will discuss his experience of depression and pathways to recovery, what it means to go public, and how it affects the creative process.

Workshops Include:

  • Advances in Treatment of Depression
  • Depression's Impact on Relationships and Relationships' Impact on Depression
  • Finding a Partner in Recovery: Access to Care
  • Mindfulness Approaches to Depression
  • Online Tools for Assessment and Treatment
  • Suicide Prevention: Talking with Someone at Risk
  • Clinicians Corner:From Selves to Cells: The New Biology of Cells, Illness and Depression
  • Strategies to Support Your Loved One and Yourself

This event is free and open to the public.